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Meet Jazmyn

Hi. I am flattered that you would like to learn a little about me.


I'm Jazmyn (she/her) the Owner & Lead Wedding Planner at Jazmyn & Co. I have been helping couples enjoy their wedding planning process for over 15 years. I discovered the amazing world of weddings while working for a florist in high school - and have never looked back.


It is my mission to re-write the narrative that wedding planning is stressful and chaotic, and something you must endure to get to the "good part". Wedding planning does not have to be the source of your migraines. It is a journey you and your partner can enjoy together -


I have been featured on The Knot, Style Me Pretty, She Finds, and My Hotel Wedding. But the best feeling is the thanks, smiles, and hugs I receive from my clients at the end of their wedding.

Will you trust me to go on this journey with you?

Let's chat, schedule a Zoom call with me.

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My Favorite Things

Favorite Cuisine: Mexican

My first recommendation for your guests' late night snack is always a Street Taco Bar. Yes, it is  very self-serving but don't blame a girl for trying.

Favorite Part of a Wedding: The Father's Toast

This is usually the part of the night that brings me to (happy) tears. Yes, I still cry at weddings and love it!

Favorite Wedding Song: The Cha Cha Slide 

Is that cheesy?!? Probably, but it gets everyone dancing. A song that tells you the steps... c'mon. 

Want to  Know More?

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